Nintendo Switch vs Wii Pre-Order Figures Same In France: Report


Nintendo France has high expectations for Nintendo Switch, and their general manager M. Lavoue made no secret of this when recently talking for an interview with guys at Gamekult. According to Lavoue, sales will be much higher in comparison with Wii U. By what measure? Have a look at the numbers below.

Nintendo Switch

Based on Nintendo France report, in the European country in 2017 Nintendo Switch will sell for over 800,000 units, which is the same achievement Wii U reached in its entire lifetime. Upon day one, 95,000 Switch units will be sold, with 100% The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild conversion rate. Pre-orders are said to be aligned with Wii figures.

Of course, this is just limited to France and we don’t know how the new Nintendo platform is performing in other countries or territories. Anyway, it’s impressive to see Switch is aligning with Wii, one of the best selling consoles ever, after such a big debacle and flop like the Wii U was. Hopefully this will make for a huge third party support this time.