Nintendo Switch’s Pre-Order Not Being Canceled At GameStop


Nintendo Today spread a report about GameStop canceling Nintendo Switch’s pre-orders due to allocation issues for day one, but luckily enough such issues were denied by the retailer itself in a note sent to GamesIndustry International. Nintendo Switch’s releasing on March 3, and as we get closer to the date, of course, it gets harder to pre-order it.

Nintendo Switch Pre-order Cancelation Rumor

“GameStop has not, and is not, canceling any Nintendo Switch pre-orders due to allocation issues,” a representative told the website anyway. “We are working very closely to confirm and validate any and all pre-orders of this innovative gaming system. Should any customer who pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch console from GameStop experience any issue with their order, we encourage them to contact our Guest Care team so we can help resolve the issue.”

It must be noted, as well, that Nintendo Today’s rumor was only based on direct “reports”, meaning that someone at the website might have heard something like that at a certain GameStop store and built a story about it. Which is not the best way to inform people about the fact that Nintendo Switch might be getting sold out upon day one.

Anyway, on top of that another rumor about Target randomly canceling Nintendo Switch’s pre-order in the United States also popped up on the Internet a few days ago, without any confirm in this case too.