Nintendo to 3DS owners in US: Company owns all user content, personal information also

Nintendo’s privacy terms and condition for 3DS is giving sleepless night to US gamers. According to report in Metro, Nintendo legally owns all content of 3DS owners in US including personal information (name, age, addresses), messages, images. As a protest, 3DS owners are sending cardboard bricks to Nintendo.

Nintendo 3DS

This over the top data policy is applicable only to owners in US, European law forbids Nintendo from having complete rights to user content.

A spokeperson from Nintendo told MCV, Nintendo would like to reassure any concerned consumers that under our European terms and conditions and in compliance with European requirements Nintendo does not have rights to user content, such as comments, messages, images, photos or movies, which are shared in private communications between users or simply stored on Nintendo 3DS.”

The spokeperson further added, “Nintendo is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and reliable entertainment experience for our users. We are transparent about our practices, and we are committed to protecting our users’ privacy and respecting intellectual property laws.