Nintendo tried to acquire Harry Potter IP rights for video games


Our friend at Unseen64 has revealed that Nintendo tried to acquire Harry Potter IP rights for the production of a video game in 1998. A first pitch was prepared in just a week by Nintendo of America’s NST (the studio behind titles like Ridge Racer 64, Bionic Commando, Crystalis).

Harry Potter Game For Nintendo

Nintendo’s plans included versions of each J.K. Rowling’s book for N64, Game Boy and the still in-development GameCube. Furthermore, a spin-off based on the Quidditch “sport” was planned and pitched, but never saw the light of the day, of course.

“All together it was only a week of insanely furious scribbling things to the digital artists to create animations for mock game demos”, explained a Nintendo employee who worked for NST at the time of the auction for the Harry Potter IP rights.

Warner Bros eventually won the bid for the Harry Potter an offer, too, even though with fewer chances to win.