Nintendo unveils financial result for FY2014: “Net loss 23.2 Billion Yen, Wii U at 6.7M shipped, 3DS at 43.3M shipped”


Nintendo has just revealed its financial result details for fiscal year 2013. The firm provided sales figure of Wii U hardware and software sales, 3DS and more. The details in the report, Wii U has sold just 6.17 million units worldwide as of March 31, and its software sales figure during the same period reads 32.28 million.

NintendoNintendo 3DS performance is better than expected, as of March 31, the handheld has sold 43 million units and software sales figure is 162.92 million.

You can check out full breakdown of Nintendo financial result in the chart below. The report also mention the reason for the loss: increase in inventory write-down, research and development cost and decrease in net sales.

Nintendo Fiscal Year 2013 Result Snapshot 1 Nintendo Fiscal Year 2013 Result Snapshot 2 Nintendo Fiscal Year 2013 Result Snapshot 3

The preview of International Data Corporation (IDC) forecast predicted not so good future for Wii U as well. The research firm stated that Nintendo is expected to make a $50 price cut on Wii U in late 2014 or early 2015, but this won’t affect the consumer installed too much as compared to its competitor.

The future path for Nintendo is pretty clear, take some bold steps for survival or else perish. Whether or not they will do it only time will tell.