Nintendo Wii and EA Sports are setting the pace in the numbers of industry

Of course, as worldwide all major industries are in the video games numbers and figures mark the walk of their various products. We all know that live within it and competing firms as varied as dissimilar. But of course the interesting thing happens to know what companies or companies that make a difference and stay above the rest. Precisely this has been related to developments in the last hours and the same drive as winning a Nintendo Wii and Electroni Arts.

According to a report conducted by the agency Millward Brown OptimorThe mark of Nintendo desktop is valued no more and no less than ten billion dollars. Given this number, we must say that got through to the portable signature, DS, Which was the machine in 2009 was ranked number one in this field. Meanwhile, this same study indicates that the value of the unique console controls achieved a growth of 21% over last year.

Moreover, this paper also cites the various platforms that make up the market video games. In the list just who is the third step is the machine Microsoft, Xbox 360, Which is located at a value of around U.S. $ 4,500 million, reflecting its low in respect of last year, was only 1%. While its main competitor, PlayStation 3 obviously got an evolution of 25%, but its value is still far from those mentioned above because it is located in the $ 426 million.

On another subject, also appeared during the day yesterday, a report CNN Money. This is a list composed of the 500 most powerful companies in the U.S. territory. Just figure among all those names Electronic Arts, One of the firms with more weight in the development and the distribution of video games. The position is the latest, 494, but the point goes through the figures given there. According to the publication, EA achieves income of around U.S. $ 4,200 million, while losses are located around 1,100 of the same coin.