Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda is coming for Smartphone

Recent news published in WSJ indicates that Nintendo is working on a Smartphone game based on Legend of Zelda to expand its mobile-games lineup. From long time the game is restricted to a single platform and now we have Switch to play Breath of Wild another successful hit of this year. Finally having the series on mobile platform like Android or iOS, would bring great choices for mobile users.

Legend Of Zelda Smartphone

As per the news the mobile version of Legend of Zelda could possibly be rolling out after Animal Crossing that is already delayed this year. So if this game is out we will soon hear news about the new title in following months.

Officially Nintendo has not released any statement whether they are working on a Smartphone version of Legend of Zelda. This could lead to a possible rumor but we need to wait and watch. Legend of Zelda has gathered huge sales on Switch already and now targeting a massive portable platform can surpass its old sale record.

Source: Wall Street Journal