Nioh 1.04 Patch brings Golden Ninja Armor to celebrate a Million mark and some fixes


Nioh has reached a million marks and to celebrate a new patch adds the Golden Ninja Armor in the game that players can use worldwide for no cost. The path logs are updated on the official site, the link is added at the end.

Nioh 1.04 Patch

Gold Ninja Armor is something very fascination about the update.The patch also adds a new menu in the Hidden Teahouse that will allow players to adjust the points in the game. Look for Discoveries under Trading in Tea Room in Hiduyo. With these, there are new tabs in the game settings that offer access to Weapon Type, Armor Type, Small Items, etc.

Nioh 1.04 Patch Logs:

Expansion / Adjustment:

  • Add “Discoveries” to “Trading” of “Tea Room in Hiduyo”. You can reorient your favorite points by using “collection of pamphlets”.
  • For arrow bullets and some consumable items, changed so that it can be sent automatically to the warehouse if it cannot be picked up due to the maximum number of possession
  • Add play time display to “Others” of “Play record”
  • Following items added to “Game basic setting” of “Menu”: A weapon type tab, Armor tab, Accessory tab.
  • At the start of the mission – Automatic replenishment of arrow bullets from storage
  • Directing the camera to the front when entering guard
  • Display the current application version on the title screen
  • Add “type order” to sort of weapons and armor
  • Protect the spirit of guardian “thread” Paralysis Granted “, we changed the attribute of weapons to give priority

Bug Fixes:

  • When an error occurs during the autosave, other character data may be overwritten.
  • Fixed a problem that certain enemies sustained releasing Amrita
  • Corrected some topography missing bugs on some stages
  • Fixed a bug that “Mega Sunaichi” “Kelly” may be buried in the ground during online play
  • During online playing, correct gesture against “Muzina” may be treated as failing Fixed a problem

Read the full logs here