Nioh: Complete Edition bundles all DLC and more for PC players


Team Ninja’s ninjutsu-based hack-and-slash Nioh is headed to PC next month in the form of Nioh: Complete Edition.

The former PlayStation 4 exclusive will come to Steam on Nov. 7, including all three pieces of DLC that launched throughout the game’s life cycle. All content packs, including Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed’s End, will be featured in the PC version of the game to enjoy immediately.

The PC version of the game has two different graphic modes, including Action Mode, which shoots for 60fps, and Movie Mode with variable frames per second and 4K resolution available. This is just about all you can customize in terms of graphics on PC, so if you were hoping to tweak a bit more than that, unfortunately that does not seem to be the case here.

PC owners will get a few different alterations by way of in-game items, however. The Dharmachakra Kabuto, for instance, is a helmet with a red valve on it that appears to be a nod to Steam. You can also play with every type of weapon, as well as ninjutsu and onmyo magic from the very beginning of the game, whereas PlayStation 4 users weren’t afforded that luxury.

Nioh: Complete Edition will only be up for grabs as a digital version of the game, so if you want a physical copy, you might want to hang on to the PlayStation 4 version. If you already played through the original edition, it’s still worth looking at the PC version, especially if you missed out on the DLC released for consoles, since it’s all rolled up into one place now.