Nioh Exclusive Items And How To Get Them


Nioh review embargo has just lifted off and with it, the first few information about drops have also been revealed for all the fans to learn about before the game actually releases. As you can see from the image below, several items can be dropped normally, meaning that you will get them from the regular enemies you kill throughout your journey, or not.

Nioh Exclusive Items Unlock Method

In particular, we’re talking about the bonus items which you’ve been able to grab so far thanks to the multiple alpha and beta tests – the latter was the Last Chance demo that only dropped a week ago or so – and pre-order. Few of them will also be available as a rare opportunity through the smithing process, but again, you’ll need to be pretty lucky.

Among the items, we can find the Nioh Armor, 5 Nioh weapons (Deluxe Edition), Crimson Master Armor (early purchase), Good Fox Kabuto (Famitsu), the couple “Mark of” items originally delivered through the demonstrative versions, and more. Look at the image attached to the news to get the full picture.

Nioh is releasing on February 7/8/9 depending on the territory you’re playing from.