Nioh Review Embargo Lifts On February 2, Game Size Is 40GB

Nioh is the first big PlayStation 4 exclusive release of 2017. The game is just a week away from its official release in North America and PAL region. Team Ninja is handling the development part and it seems like they are very confident about their end product because the review code is already being sent out to reviewers (few have already received them).

Nioh Review Embargo Date

This means Team Ninja is giving reviewers a 6-7 days time period to beat the game and write their reviews. The number of days might not sound enough considering the fact that NiOH has a hell lot of content, and according to the director of the game, it will take around 70 hours to beat the game on an average.

Twitter user “Wostry” (Contributor to IGNHungary) revealed the details about review codes of Nioh being sent out and also when exactly the embargo ends, it’s “February 2”.

Another Twitter user “TheCHEWER” revealed the total size of the NiOH and how much of the data is needed to activate Play As You Download feature. The overall game size is 40GB (approximately), and around 12GB is needed to start the game.