No Fallout 4 Announcement at GamesCom 2014, “Stop Wondering” says Bethesda Boss Pete Hines

Bethesda will be attending this year’s GamesCom 2014 at Cologne Germany between August 14th – 17th to showcase action-adventure and RPGs at the event. This listing on official GamesCom 2014 started a rumor that Fallout 4 announcement in coming.

Unfortunately, Bethesda Vice Presiden Pete Hines has confirmed via Twitter that they just have “The Evil Within and The Elder Scrolls Online” to showcase at GamesCom 2014 and fans should just stop wondering.

When asked: “Bethesda are on a list for Gamescon, apparently its an action-adventure RPG. I wonder what it could be?” Hines replied:

“the evil within and eso. now you can stop wondering”

This means we won’t going to see Fallout 4 at QuakeCon either, Bethesda has already kept that slot for the first exclusive look at next installment in DOOM franchise currently titled as “DOOM”.

Bethesda is maintaining a silence on existence of Fallout 4 and is expected to do so for quiet a while, and also there’s no real evidence that Fallout 4 is even in development.