No Man’s Sky Being Continuously Delayed Due To Technical Issues, E3 2015 Demo Was Showcased On PC

No Man's Sky Beyond

What’s up with No Man’s Sky? I mean, it’s the game we all wait for since its announcement back in 2013, but it seems like it’s never releasing. We were all expecting it to come out in a few months, maybe already in 2015, but at Paris Games Week it was announced Hello Games won’t be ready until June 2016.

No Man's Sky

So, what’s up then? Any technical issue preventing the developer to go any further with the launch? What’s causing so many delays? On the latest Podquisition episode, Laura K Buzz (Destructoid) tried and provide an answer, recapping the latest stages in the game’s development.

  • No Man’s Sky was meant to be at a UK event called Game City as a “hands off demo”, but at the very last minute Hello Games cancelled their appearance, apparently due to technical issues.
  • The demo of No Man’s Sky which was showcased at Sony’s PlayStation E3 2015 press conference was played on PC, not on PlayStation 4.
  • Considerable issues getting the game to run on PS4
  • Optimization on PC has been hell
  • Lots of technical problems getting the game to run at the scale they want

So yes, it really seems like there’s a problem of optimization for the game not only on PS4 but also on PC, which should be the true source of the code later ported on console.

At this point, we don’t really know if another 8 months will be enough to bring the game to the public in the form both the concept and the audience deserves. For now, we can only say things are not getting rushed and overall this is the best solution for everyone.