No Man’s Sky: Massive List Of Missing Features, Where’s The No Man’s Sky We Were Sold On?

 No Man’s Sky: Massive List Of Missing Features, Where’s The No Man’s Sky We Were Sold On?

No Man’s Sky has received mostly positive reviews from critics and fans despite the fact that some of the most talked about features announced prior to the game’s launch did not make it to the final version. The changes that were cut out from the final version of No Man’s Sky were significant and one Reddit user has managed to compile a massive list of these missing features.

No Man's Sky

Please note, the feature listed below are the one Hello Games talked about during the marketing trail and were also showcased in some of the gameplay trailers that was used to promote the game. As mention above, the list is pretty massive and so I have just listed some of the biggest missing gameplay mechanics, you can read the full list from the link provided below.

  • The loss of planetary physics, which were said to govern many different systems, seemingly in a cascading effect from the top down: | 1 2 3 4
  • The retooling of ships to make them all functionally identical, rather than having different classes for different playstyles, essentially homogenizing ship play into a single playstyle: 1 2 3
  • The reworking of factions from something with broader significance, into the very simplistic system we have now: 1 2
  • Resource distribution following none of the rules that were spoken of, instead resource variety is more shallow than we’d been lead to believe, so distribution was seemingly homogenized regardless of planet-based factors (likely an effect of the loss of planetary physics)1 2 3 4 || This also had a knock-on effect for trading, which was trivialized by the ease in which most resources could be found: 12 3, and also crafting, which went from something Sean hoped would be community drive a la Minecraft (likely because there were far more resources originally, a la Minecraft, there’s more evidence of this than just the crafting,) to something that could only be done through recipes the game must teach you before you can actually use: 1