Suda51 is Interested in Developing No More Heroes 3


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is on its way to the Nintendo Switch. And if the game sells well, a third title in the main No More Heroes series may soon follow.

In an interview with Video Game Choo Choo during PAX West, Grasshopper Manufacture founder and Travis Strikes Again director Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, spoke about returning to protagonist Travis Touchdown and the No More Heroes universe. He also revealed more information about Travis’ gaming tastes, including his passion for indie games.

“One thing we want to accentuate with the upcoming game is that [Travis is] not just into AAA titles but he’s into indie games,” Suda51 told Video Game Choo Choo. “At this point all that I can say about the collaborations with Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, and other titles is that there’s going to be what we’re calling the ‘T-shirt Collaboration.'”

Suda51 added that Travis will own different t-shirts referencing games like Hotline Miami and Shovel Knight. And while Suda51 says that it would be “pretty difficult” to have a game-within-a-game added into Travis Strikes Again, he’s brainstorming ways to bring his collaborators’ characters into the upcoming game. For instance, Suda51 is chatting with Dennis Wedin and Jonatan Söderström of Dennaton Games in order to add Hotline Miami protagonist Jacket into the world.

“Again, I’m not sure at all how that’s gonna work yet or if it will work out but it’s definitely something that’s being considered seriously right now,” Suda51 said.

But Travis Strikes Again isn’t a sequel to No More Heroes or No More Heroes 2. Suda51 calls the game a “stepping stone on the road to No More Heroes 3,” and a “new series within the series.” And if the game does well, he’s interested in making a third title in the main series.

“If this succeeds I definitely want to put out a 3 someday,” he said to Video Game Choo Choo.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is headed to Nintendo Switch in 2018. The game puts Travis Touchdown into the Death Drive Mk II game console, where he will fight through six game worlds. Travis Strikes Again is slated as an exclusive, but Suda51 has teased that the title may land on other consoles.

H/T Siliconera