No New Final Fantasy XV Details At E3 2014 Confirms Shinji Hashimoto


Final Fantasy series producer Shinji Hashimoto has confirmed to popular Japanese magazine Famitsu that there won’t be any new info on Final Fantasy XV at E3 2014. Famitsu asked Shinji, whether Square Enix will share some information about Final Fantasty XV at E3 2014? and to this he replied that development work is going steadily but its still not the best time to share new information with fans.


Here is what Shinji replied, translated via Google Translator:

Information right out of “Final Fantasy XV” I will come out at E3?

First Hashimoto, I tell that the development is progressing steadily now “Final Fantasy XV”. In-house, In an attempt to Mikiwameyo the timing of the best to deliver to all the fans of the new information “Final Fantasy XV”, we conduct a study always. You have determined that it is not the best timing of when it is overlooking the promotion plan in which, E3 this year to publish the information in “Final Fantasy XV”.

In addition to this, Shinji stated that there also won’t be any information of Kingdom Hearts III but still Square Enix will attend E3 2014. So there you have it folks it seems like we have to wait a bit more for an update on Final Fantasy XV.