No Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 Wii U version: EA

Bioware and EA has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 Omega and Leviathan DLC will not be coming to Wii U version of the game. A statement on the official Mass Effect 3 Twitter reads. “Unfortunately it will not be available for Wii U,”.

When quizzed whether any DLC would be available for Mass Effect 3 Wii U version apart from what the game had on-disc?, EA replied, “Never say never :)”

Mass Effect 3 Wii U version is schedule to launch on November 30. Here is the list of on-disc DLCs:

  • From Ashes extra character
  • Extended Cut ending
  • First three multiplayer expansions (Resurgence, Rebellion and Earth).

It does not include single-player expansion Leviathan, the most recent multiplayer expansion Retaliation or either of the game’s weapon packs.

Source: Mass Effect Twitter