Now Kratos Voice Actor Hints That God Of War 4 Is Releasing In 2017


God of War (PS4) release date is still missing in action, but there’s ultimately a chance that the new game from Santa Monica Studio could show up in 2017. Amid the rumors, Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge has recently done something to reignite claims that the action adventure title could be releasing as early as this year.

God of War 4 Release Date

Judge has indeed listed the game among his activities on his Twitter bio, reporting it as a “2017” production. Honestly, I mean it as a “this product is being built in 2017” more than a “this product is launching in 2017,” but it’s definitely interesting to see there’s a reference about God of War being dropped sooner than later.

The game was revealed at E3 last year without any date, even vague, attached. This could mean basically anything, but first and foremost that Corey Barlog’s team is taking all the time to craft an experience set to be on par, if not on a higher level, with the standard of the franchise.

Probably we’ll learn more about this at E3 2017 in June.

God of War 4 Release Date Hint From Voice Actor