Zelda: BOTW CEMU Players – GeForce Driver 387.92 Improves Performance Massively, RAM Usage Down By 50%


Nvidia yesterday released Game Ready Driver 387.92 with an aim to improve FPS performance for some of the recently released games – Forza 7, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and The Evil Within 2. This was the thing we official heard from Nvidia about the new GeForce driver 387.92, but are you aware of the fact that there was one hidden improvement that made a massive difference to those who uses Wii U PC Emulator CEMU. According to the details coming out from Reddit and YouTube, Nvidia GeForce 387.92 Driver improves the overall performance of Wii U PC Emulator CEMU by lowering the RAM usage, and the improvement is not a small one, the RAM usage is down by 50%.

Nvidia Geforce Driver Improves CEMU Performance

YouTuber BSoD Gaming was one of the first few users to broke the news – he states that after downloading and installing the latest Nvidia GeForce driver 387.92 – CEMU usage of RAM has gone down by 50 percent and there are less wear and tear i.e. stuttering while playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You guys can watch the video below. You guys can download the latest version of Nvidia GeForce Driver here (You need to select your OS here).

Here are few reports from CEMU users on Reddit – about performance improvement made by the latest GeForce Driver.

“8gb ram here. After loading up a save, ram usage sat around 7.5gb for about 2-3 minutes, before settling at a steady 4gb. Been running game for some time, still at 4gb. This is with bsod’s full shadercache

I have 32gigs of ram.usage went from around 18gigs down to 12gigs. not too bad.

With the windows insider version of the driver (387.87), I get in BotW 6.5GB. so 8GB ram would be no problem at all anymore with Nvidia on my side.”

Source: Reddit