Oddworld New N’Tasty Dev admits Parity Clause a massive problem for Indies, says “Self-publishing on Xbox One is not Breeze”

The support of indie developers for Playstation 4 is massive, whereas slowly and steadly Microsoft is gaining in this field. The main reason behind Microsoft lagging behind Sony for indie developers support is “self-publishing issues, [email protected] and controversial launch parity clause.”

Today Lorne Lanning, Oddworld New N’Tasty in a recent interview to our friend at Venturebeat talked about self-publishing policy of Microsoft for Xbox One, controversial launch parity clause and many more things.

Xbox OneLorne first stated that Microsoft’s policy for indie developers is still lagging behind as compared to its competitor Sony and Steam. “We’re self-publishing. With Sony that’s a breeze. With Steam it’s a breeze. With Microsoft it’s not a breeze. With Nintendo, something’s going to happen there shortly.” stated Lorne.

Lorne however commended Microsoft team especially Chris Charla, for their efforts after disastrous E3 2013 and the existence of launch parity.

“We’re still discussing with Xbox. We’d like to be on Xbox. They’re trying to encourage us to be on Xbox.”

“I really want to see Chris Charla succeed. They’ve done a good job of navigating out of E3 in ways they desperately needed to, or else they’d be in real trouble. But the parity issue is still there. What we want to know is simple. If we invest in our platform, are we releasing, or will we be denied?”

“The parity clause is a problem for indies. It’s something you might want to play with triple-A guys, but if you say, “If you’re not simultaneous on our system, you can’t release” well, okay? You’re more concerned about your competition with Sony than you are about delivering great games at good prices to your customers. Not a great model. Pretty vulnerable. Hopefully it doesn’t continue that way and we’re able to get past it. I think we will. I just want to be certain.”

It is an open secret now, relationship of indie developers with Microsoft can’t flourish if the parity clause will exist. Recently Microsoft’s Phil Harrison stated that Controversial Xbox One [email protected] parity clause will continue despite Indie Dev concerns.

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