Official Case Puts Nintendo Switch In Tabletop Mode In A Unique Way, Images Leaked


Nintendo Switch puts user experience at the first place and has many ways you can use it for your gaming sessions. We have the chance, as soon as it releases, of course, to play on the go like it was any other kind of handheld console or home, on our TV screen, as a home platform in the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch official case

Interestingly, there’s another mode which Nintendo has not being publicizing that much, which is the tabletop mode. As remarked by a recent video from YouTube channel GameXplain, in this mode you can use Nintendo Switch just like an iPad or Microsoft’s Surface when into covers. And it looks like it’s working thanks to a Nintendo official case allowing you to also put Joy-Con on a protective surface.

You put it on the table and have it right in front of you, which is something we’ve already seen in couple trailers where users are playing together with their friends in split-screen sessions.

Nintendo Switch releases on March 3, and this is just one of the new things the console does. It’s pretty enjoyable and likely a way to shake (“switch”) things up in gaming, trying to unify both the handheld and home businesses which are profilic to Nintendo now. Hopefully, they’ll get more support from third party devs as soon as sales gets boosted.

Nintendo Switch Official Case Dock Mode