Official PackShot Blowout including Ghost Recon, Dragon Age II, Yakuza, etc.

Its raining packshot, too many developers revealed a lots of packshot
for their upcoming game titles. We have listed them all for you.

Shown below are packshot for various game which includes long-awaited
cover hits such as Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or Dragon Age II, or even
of the latest offshoots of the Lego Star Wars or the Ace Combat series.

Yakuza 4:

Yakuza 4 Packshot

Dragon Age II:

Dragon Age II Packshot

Assault Horizon:

Assault Horizon Packshot

Battle Vs Chess:

Battle Vs Chess Packshot

Cosmic Destruction:

Cosmic Destruction Packshot

Ghost Recon Future Soldier:

Ghost Recon Future Solider Packshot

Knights Contract:

Knights Contract Packshot

Legends of Troy:

Legend of Troy Packshot

StarWars III:

StarWars III Packshot

Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll:

Trinity Packshot