Original Xbox Designer Review PS4, says “Fell In Love With Sony’s Approach For Finer Details”


TeaGue, the firm that design the original Xbox console for Microsoft recently review next-gen Playstation console from Sony, PS4 and guess what the surprise, there are some nice words for Sony and PS4.

PS4About Playstation 4 Outer Design, TeaGue said that it looks prettey good: “The console has a particularly clever two-faced design philosophy that we loved. When laid horizontal, the forward facing elements are subtle, allowing the console to disappear within its surroundings. Placed vertically, the PlayStation logo jewel and power/state light bar become fully visible, going so far as to graphically play off one another (light bar leading to logo) giving it the desired bold presence as a show-car of the entertainment world. More elegantly than past efforts, the PS4 pulls off either orientation with a serious and refined box form–a significant departure from PS3’s sculptured form falling somewhere between Frank Gehry and grand piano.”

TeaGue however were not at all pleased with the finishes of Playstation 4, “While falling in love with Sony’s approach for the finer details, we couldn’t help but notice that less attention was paid to the execution of the PS4’s finishes. Even from across the room you can see the unevenness in the glossy surfaces, and blushing in the injection molded textured surfaces. The net effect: a premium price tag on a (seemingly) less than premium product. Ouch.”

About DualShock 4 controller, this was the view of TeaGue: “The joysticks have been spread out, making them far more usable for those with larger hands. More importantly, they’ve added a lip around the edge, curving inwards to improve thumb grip and precision in use.”

TeaGue completed the review with the following quote: “If this is in fact the final act for home consoles boxes, Sony may have just missed the mark on creating a truly climactic finish. Our thought is that they should have put everything into the new controller. This should be the face of the PS4. The console needs to be supportive, not central to the gaming experience.”

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Source: FastCodeDesign