Original Xbox Founder talks about Xbox One 1080p controversy, DirectX12 benefits, DRM reversal

1080p resolution-gate controversy and dramatic DRM policy reversal are two most important factor in downfall of Xbox One in next-gen consoles war against Playstation 4. What original Xbox founder Ed Fries have to say about these two factors?

Xbox OneIn a recent Q&A session on Yabbly, Xbox co-creator Ed Fries talked about resolution war between Xbox One and PS4 and Microsoft’s full reversal of DRM policies.

Fires was asked about impact DirectX12 will have on performance of Xbox One? and whether or not it will be able to fix the controversial resolution-gate issue?

“When I write stuff these days I usually use OpenGL just because I might want to make it work on the Mac or other platforms. With DirectX 12, not only can’t you port to the Mac but so far they have only said it will work on Windows 8 (Windows 7 support may or may not be coming from what I have read).

Why would I want to develop something only for Windows 8 and limit how many people can use my product? I think Microsoft needs to get smarter with their approach on technologies like this.

As for the “resolution war”, I’m not an expert, but my understanding is that Microsoft reserved some of the power of Xbox One for the operating system but told developers they would be giving it back to them to use sometime soon. So far they haven’t given it back so the games can’t run at as high a resolution as they could if they had that extra power. At least that’s what I’ve heard from talking to developers.

Furthermore, Fries was asked to comment on claims from gaming media outlet that even after reversal of DRM policies, Microsoft is going in wrong direction? and Microsoft is planning to sell Xbox division if it didn’t make enough profit?

“I think the digital distribution/DRM thing could have been fine if they had just used Steam as their model but they proposed something that wasn’t like Steam and wasn’t good for their customers. Then when people complained they completely got rid of it instead of fixing it to be what people want. Hopefully now that they have more time they will fix that mess.

I think it would be foolish for Microsoft to sell off Xbox. It’s the biggest, most successful new brand they have created in the last 15 years. They should learn from the success of Xbox and create more things like it, not sell it off.”

What you guys have to say about views of original Xbox founder on some of the controversial topics related to Xbox One: “Resolution-gate, DirectX12 and many more”.