Overwatch recent patch adds new bugs in the game

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LittleDucky17 on Reddit has reported about tons of new bugs faced after adding the latest Overwatch patch. The list with its source is shared below. Reflecting in-game issues ike Sombra translocator failing, Flagbearer achievement not awarded to players, time as health visual bug, spawn at enemy’s spawn, etc.


The most recent coverage on the official site about this new patch was added on January 31, 2017 by Josh Engen Community Manager, has few bug fixes which is added at the end of below list. As per the list shared on reddit this could be a work for the developer to recheck what is causing the problem. Comments on the list reveals a few exact issues faced by other players along with some additional bugs.

  • Sombra translocator failing
  • Mercy/Ana/Widowmaker/Reinhardt/Lucio toggle bugs resetting randomly in gameWidowmaker/Reinhardt/Lucio toggle bugs resetting randomly in game
  • Flagbearer achievement not being rewarded to some players
  • D.Va ecopoint eject out of map
  • Symmetra disappearing Teleporter/Shield Generator
  • Time as Health visual bug
  • Reinhardt shield health visual bug
  • when you say hello at someone it doesn’t wave or say hello
  • Allied health bars disappearing
  • Spawn at the enemy’s spawn
  • Ana’s Biotic Grenade not working
  • Leaving team chat in between rounds
  • Throwing basketball into the hoop does not trigger confetti
  • Zarya’s ultimate disappearing without taking effect
  • Healing/Ultimate/Hello.etc not working in chat


[PC] Overwatch Patch Notes – January 31, 2017

Please note that these changes will be rolled into a larger patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the flag to get stuck outside the standard gameplay boundaries in Capture the Rooster
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Competitive Matches to continue indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Tracer and Mei to reach unintended locations outside the standard gameplay boundaries on several maps
  • Fixed a bug preventing Reinhardt’s shield from displaying cracks at low health when the Wujing skin was equipped