Overwatch vs LawBreakers Main Differences Explained By Cliff Bleszinski


Cliff Bleszinski has detailed the main differences between the upcoming first person arena shooter LawBreakers and Overwatch, the Blizzard multiplayer-only game people keeps falling in love with – no matter the platform. Both are games you need to play in a team and exclusively online, so he’s having a hard time in the effort of making people understand those differences.

Overwatch vs Lawbreakers

“The thing is that our art style is a little bit more gritty – theirs is kind of, super bright colors, almost anime-ish characters…they’re going for a bazillion different characters, while we’re going initially with less is more, and we’re ramping up to find our balance,” he said.

“And them, as a game, are so much rock-paper-scissors. And for us, you know, if I come around the corner in Overwatch and I have the wrong character, and someone else has the right character, in that rock-paper-scissors match, I’m dead.”

According to Bleszinski, this won’t be the case in LawBreakers. “Also, in Overwatch, if I enter a room with four, five, six people from the other team, I don’t stand a chance of really taking them all out. If you’re really good at this game with any of the different roles and classes, you can take out an entire team.”

LawBreakers is releasing this Summer exclusively on PC.