Pachter: GTA V PS4/XOne Sales Should Pale In Comparison To PS3/X360, Expect Increase In CoD: Advanced Warfare Sales

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Grand Theft Auto V launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013 and since then it has sold over 33 million units worldwide, an astonishing feat. Now, GTA V launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is just around the corner, so what we can expect from its sales as compared to sales of GTA V on PS3/Xbox 360? “it should pale in comparison” according to well know industry analyst Michael Pachter.


In a recent note to investor, Pachter also stated that sales of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be better than last year’s iteration because of free upgrade features, pre-order bonus and less competition.

“We expect an increase in Call of Duty sales this year,” he said, “due to the free upgrade feature, Day Zero access, less competition (EA’s Battlefield Hardline launches in the March 2015 quarter, and sales of Take-Two’s Grand Theft Auto V on next-gen consoles should pale in comparison to sales of the current-gen version of the game last year), and likely improved review scores driven by a three-year development, up from two-year development cycles for previous iterations.”

Earlier today, Pachter stated that sales of Xbox One in September 2014 was more than PlayStation 4. How many of you agree with the view of Pachter on GTA V and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales? Tell us in the comment section below.