Pachter On PlayStation VR Price: “It’s Gonna Be Hard To Price It Below $300”


What price tag PlayStation VR is going to carry at launch? this is one of the most talked about topic among gaming and PlayStation community. Critics have already given Sony’s PlayStation VR and edge over Oculus Rift after the announcement from Oculus Boss Luckey Palmer that the launch price of Oculus Rift is going to be $599. Well-known industry analyst Michael Pachter in a recent episode of Pachter Factor talked about price of PlayStation VR and many other things.

PlayStation VR

Sony has already hinted that PlayStation VR will be priced “similarly to a new console”, and Pachter is putting his money on it as well. According to Pachter, Sony’s PlayStation VR will be priced at $400. Here is what he said:

“I think Morpheus (PlayStation VR) is highly likely to be 400 bucks. It’s gonna be hard… — if you actually look at the headset, there’s a lot there. So, I think it’s gonna be hard to price it below 300; It’s possible… if they believe they’re gonna make enough of them.”

When asked about what is that one reason that gives PlayStation VR and edge over Oculus Rift? Pachter stated that PlayStation VR is very accessible to PlayStation 4 owners.

“A lot of people don’t have a really high-end PC laying around, so I think the PlayStation 4 crowd has a huge advantage. Sony’s got an install base, as of November, of thirty million of them. So, I can see Sony planning to sell ten million Morpheus units. I doubt that they will sell those in the first year because there probably won’t be a lot of content, but I can see them planning to sell 10 million over time.”

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