Pachter: Xbox Scorpio Could Release Earlier Than Late 2017 For Microsoft’s “Inferiority Complex”


Current gen (PS4 and Xbox One) has not been the greatest success of all times, in terms of gaming, for Microsoft and this is something we’ve already known for a while. Analyst Michael Pachter has provided his comment about this weird situation where Microsoft has not managed to be appreciated with Xbox One even in homeland US, saying the company wouldn’t care about being second if they were selling enough consoles, which is not happening.

Xbox Scorpio

“I don’t know if it matters to Microsoft if there in second place. I think it matters to them if they sell 20 million units fewer than they should. Somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose. If the winner and loser were 100 million vs 90 million I don’t think anybody cares,” Pachter said in a recent interview.

“But if its 100 million vs 50 million I think Microsoft cares because they know if there are 150 million consoles sold, they should at least have made a valiant effort to capture half of that. I think that’s the problem with being second and I think Microsoft has an inferiority complex right now that they’re so far behind. They’re behind in the US, which never happened before, they didn’t expect that at all.”

Pachter doesn’t believe that Microsoft could be in the best position to release Project Scorpio this year, in order to regain some market shares, but it is possible they might be accelerating with the new console and launching earlier than the originally slated launch window – late 2017.