Palmer on Morpheus vs Oculus: “Not worried about Project Morpheus, no real competition, our hardware best by far”


Currently there are only two players in Virtual Reality competition, “Sony and Facebook owned Oculus Rift”, Microsoft are nowhere in the picture.

So its battle between “Oculus vs Project Morpheus”. Our friend at GamesTM magazine recently got it touch with inventor and founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey and talked about what he thinks about the competition from Sony in a market he created first.

Here are some interesting quote from Palmer: “Not really worried about Project Morpheus, there’s no real competition”. Palmer told GamesTM:

Project Morpheus vs Oculus Rift

“I’m not really worried about Project Morpheus,”

“[Sony] said they’re only doing it on PS4. We’re not on PS4, so there’s no real competition. If anything they just add credibility to the VR space. You know, they show that it is something that is reasonable to be investing in. It’s not just this one crazy company that’s making it happen, it’s an entire industry.”

On tech and SDK comparison between Project Morpheus and Oculus, Palmer said:

“It’s hard to comment right now, but I’d say [our hardware] is the best currently out there. By far. And that’s because of the close interaction with developers and the great team we have; people like John Carmack and Tom Forsyth and all these other really great programmers working on our SDK. There’s nothing out there on the market that’s even close, in my opinion.”

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