Patch 1.43 Changelog/Patch Notes – Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games today released a new Patch 1.43 for Horizon Zero Dawn. The update is now available for download for all Horizon Zero Dawn owners and it is mainly aimed at fixing bugs and issues discovered post-launch of The Frozen Wilds DLC. As per the details revealed in the official Patch Notes, patch 1.43 brings in progression fixes and general improvements for The Frozen Wilds DLC. You guys can read the full Patch 1.43 Notes below.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.43 Changelog

Patch 1.43 Notes

General fixes in ‘The Frozen Wilds’ quest storyline.

General improvements for ‘The Frozen Wilds’.


  • Fixed an issue in “The Shaman’s Path” where some players would experience not being able to jump onto the safety handhold under the helipad by jumping onto it from under it.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would experience losing the DLC license during their playthrough and receive negative XP.


  • Fixed a progression issue in “The Shaman’s Path” where some players would not be able to enter Ourea’s retreat because they were blocked by an invisible wall and get the ‘Can’t Enter This Location’ message near the Helipad after solving the first power puzzle and saving the game.
  • Fixed a progression issue in “The Shaman’s Path” where some players would experience the objective not being changed after fast-traveling immediately after solving the second power puzzle.
  • Fixed a progression issue in “The Forge of Winter” where some players experienced that your allies would not follow you after moving quickly through the area before the ‘Recycling Area’.

In addition to this, Guerrilla Games also revealed via Horizon sub-Reddit comment section that the development team behind the game is still investigating the Insulated Outfit Weave issue i.e. last unique mod bug. When asked by a fan on Reddit – I’m assuming the last unique mod bug is still being fixed? Guerrilla Games replied: “Sadly the issue with the Insulated Outfit Weave has not been resolved yet, but the team is investigating!”