Patch to fix “Corruption of Save Files” issue in TDU2 will be live tonight at 1am PT (9am GMT)

Eden Games just a while ago confirmed that they will be releasing a new patch update for Xbox 360 version of Test Drive Unlimited 2 to fix the “Corruption of Save Files” issue, the patch will be available for download tonight at 1am PT (9am GMT), for PS3 it will be coming out some other day (details will be revealed in coming days).

Test Drive Unlimited 2

“The first of our game optimizations for console will be live tonight on Xbox 360 at 1am PT (9am GMT) and PS3 is soon to follow. This update will resolve a corruption issue that some players experienced with their saved game files. In some cases corrupted files will be automatically repaired.”

Eden Games also confirmed that a development work on a free DLC for the game is completed, it has been submitted to Microsoft and Sony for approval.

“The TDU2 community has been a great support to the development team and we look forward to rewarding your loyalty soon with free DLC content. We should be able to provide dates once Microsoft and Sony approve the content and will update the community as soon as they are expected to go live”.