Patch to fix Gran Turismo 5 “Save File Destroying Bug” on February 18, temporary solution available

Gran Turismo 5 players these days are dealing with a unsual bug in the game called “Save File Destroying Bug”. According to the reports every time gamers save their game in GT 5, the save file size increases by few KB (no details why this happens), and when the size of save file touches 4,165 KB it get crash.

Gran Turismo 5

Gamers trying to load the file gets the following error message:

“Insufficient free space on hard disk drive (HDD). At least 32MB required. Please exit the game and free up some space. 0×00000015 [217]”

To fix this issue a patch update is currently in development and it will release on Febraury 18 (the update will also add Performance Points to the game).

However there are some temporary solution given out for this bug, details for it is listed below check them out:

  • Check out the size of your save file, if it is nearing the “4,156KB”, back up it onto a USB stick or on any devices.
  • Give visit to “Museum Cards” a miss, as it add hundreds of kilobyte to save game file all by itself
  • If you don’t have any back up device and you save file is nearing the threshold then stop playing the game at all until you get a patch update.