Pavilion runs at 1080p/60FPS on PS4, “Happy with 8GB RAM, no worry about running out of memory”: Dev

Pavilion, a fourth-person puzzle adventure game from Visiontrick Media will run at glorious 1080p 60 FPS resolution on Playstation 4.

Pavilion PS4 GameThe details were confirmed to us by Visiontrick Media, they said:

“Pavilion will indeed run at 1080p/60FPS. This was something we decided on early on and to deliver an excellent game in terms of both visuals and atmosphere. Of course, we are making a 2d game, so obviously today‚Äôs AAA 3D titles might have a harder time meeting the new standards than us.”

We also asked them, what kind of development benefits did PS4’s Unified Architecture and 8 GBs of GGDR5 RAM bring to Pavilion? they replied that now they won’t have to worry about running out of memory as in the case of earlier console cycles.

“Since Pavilion is a 2D game with big painted backgrounds we are very happy with the 8GBs of RAM, enabling us to have more than one level in the memory at the same time making the transition from one level to another seamless. In general this also means that we just don’t need to worry about running out of memory as one have done in earlier console cycles.”

For those who are asking what this fourth person game means? Pavilion is a game where instead of controlling the character, players control the environment and try to manipulate the character to head in the direction they would like him to go.

Watch Pavilion PS4 trailer below.