Penello Fires Shot At PS4 Pro Boost Mode, says Scorpio Don’t Need Boost Mode, Whole Console Is Boost Mode

Project Scorpio Specs reveal earlier this week was very well received by gamers and critics. What Eurogamer and Digital Foundry revealed was not the last update we will hear on Project Scorpio before E3 2017, in fact, more technical details revealed to Xbox Scorpio is incoming next week (week starting April 10). Albert Penello, Microsoft Director of Product Planning, has revealed via Neogaf that Gamasutra will also have a Deep-Dive on Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, and developers will create games for both Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

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“Beat me to it. I’m on the podcast but this forum will hate it. I’m trying to REALLY oversimplify the DF piece for a more casual audience. Don’t expect anything new really, it’s a recap. Unless you like to hear me and Larry banter with each other. Richard has said he’s got more stories coming. I do not have insight into when those will hit. Possibly this weekend?

And it wasn’t publicized too much yesterday, but Gamasutra will also have a deep-dive on our development work for those that are into that sort of thing. That hits next week I believe and I think people will dig hearing about how developers will create for both Xbox One and Scorpio.”

In addition to this, Penello in a podcast with Major Nelson revealed that this year’s E3 (E3 2017) is going to be about tons of games, games, and games.

In addition to this, Penello via Twitter clarified his earlier statement on Project Scorpio: “Scorpio is about more than the numbers”, is related to the cool new features of the console, and NOT about any Secret Sauce: “Supersampling, faster load times, 4K GameDVR, Improves existing Xbox One and 360 BC games. New HW innovations. More than just the specs.

When asked: whether there will be any Boost Mode in Project Scorpio or everything on Scorpio will run better by default? Penello replied: “Everything will run better. We don’t need boost mode. The whole console is boost mode”. Was that a shot fired at PS4 Pro Boost mode? Penello clarified (not ONCE but TWICE): “It’s not a shot. I wish people didn’t take it that way. I was asked a question and tried to explain in a simple way.

When another user asked: whether the data transfer process from Xbox One to Project Scorpio will be easy like Plug Xbox One HDD and transfer OR there will be a big transfer process? Penello replied that all Xbox One owners will have to do is just PLUG the HDD into Project Scorpio, that’s it.

“All the stuff on your Xbox One HDD will plug RIGHT IN to Scorpio.” replied Penello.

Also, when a user asked: whether it will be possible for developers to dynamically scale games i.e. from 30FPS to 60FPS? Penello replied: “If the developer as dynamic resolution or dynamic framerate, it will increase those.”

So there you have it, folks, a Microsoft executive taking a shot at PlayStation 4 Pro after Scorpio Specs reveal, clarifying some valid queries of fans, and in the end confirming that more Project Scorpio information is incoming next week.

Is this a shot at PS4 Pro Boost Mode?

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Source: Neogaf