Penello On Xbox Scorpio 6 TFLOPs GPU: “It’s What We Heard From Devs Was Required To Achieve Native 4K”

Ever since Sony revealed PlayStation 4 Pro at a special event on September 7, we have seen a lot of debates (from fanboys) on the internet about PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio Specs: which one is powerful enough and whether or not PS4 Pro is capable of offering native 4K gaming? Microsoft’s Albert Penello has jumped into the discussion and has openly claimed that PS4 Pro 4.2 TFLOP GPU does not have the power to offer native 4K gaming experience.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio

Speaking to our friend at Eurogamer, Albert Penello stated that Sony’s claim of 4K gaming for PS4 Pro comes with a lot of caveats which confirms that the machine is not capable of 4K gaming and developers will have to use upscale tech.

“I think there are a lot of caveats they [Sony] are giving customers right now around 4K. They’re talking about checkerboard rendering and upscaling and things like that. There are just a lot of asterisks in their marketing around 4K.”

Penello further added that as per his knowledge PS4 Pro’s 4.2TF GPU is not enough for true 4K gaming and Xbox Scorpio is definitely superior.

“But I know that 4.2 teraflops are not enough to do true 4K. So, I feel like our product aspired a little bit higher, and we will have fewer asterisks around the 4K experiences we deliver on our box.”

Penello went on to explain the reason behind selecting 6TF GPU for Xbox Scorpio. According to Penello, 6 TFLOP GPU for Scorpio was an intentional choice.

“When we thought about what spec we wanted for Scorpio, we were very clear we wanted developers to take their Xbox One engines and render them in native, true 4K. That was why we picked the number, that’s why we have the memory bandwidth we have, that’s why we have the teraflops we have because it’s what we heard from game developers was required to achieve native 4K.”

Sony has openly admitted themselves that most of the PS4 Pro games will be upscaled to 4K, and according to Sony’s Andrew House this is not a misleading MARKETING.

PS4 Pro is scheduled to launch on November 10 for $399.