Persona 5 has stolen the hearts of 2 million players worldwide


Persona 5 has now sold 2 million sales worldwide, making it the best-selling entry in the series. 

Atlus has announced the latest milestone for the role-playing series, which launched on PlayStation 4 back in April 2017 for the rest of the world after making its Japanese debut September 2016. After several delays from its initial 2013 announcement, it was met with overwhelming critical acclaim when players were finally able to get their hands on it. 

Atlus USA released a statement from president and CEO, Naoto Hiraoka, who mentioned that the company is currently “experiencing tremendous growth, both in the west and abroad.” 

“The sales of Persona 5 represent a new level of expectation for fans of the genre,” he said. “Once seen as niche, Persona 5 is one of the most important titles this year, proving interest in this category is expanding. We look forward delivering more incredible games to our fans next year.

The incredibly stylish RPG is one of the most engrossing the Persona series has spawned thus far, with believable characters, enjoyable combat, and plenty of quests to complete. There’s another entry in the same game world on its way in the form of a dancing title, but there’s not been a formal announcement of a Persona 6 just yet. It’ll probably be coming thanks to Persona 5’s sales numbers, so if you’re a fan you might want to go and finish up the ones you haven’t first.