Persona 5 Review – “Doesn’t Revolutionise JRPG, Still Feels Fresh And Innovative” says GamesMaster

Persona 5, the sixth installment (chronologically) in Persona video game franchise is all set to launch worldwide on April 4 (the game is already out in Japan). While PlayStation fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Persona 5 on retail shelves, GamesMaster magazine has quietly shared their Persona 5 review just a few hours ago.

Persona 5 Review From GamesMaster

The publication awarded Persona 5 an excellent review score of 9.5/10 and added a tagline: “it will invade your dreams”. The publication further praised the characters by terming them “fantastic, even the awful people”. The one thing that GamesMaster hate about the first six hours drags as you’re taught the ropes. The review ended with the quote: Persona 5 doesn’t revolutionize the genre (JRPG), but it still feels fresh and innovative.

You guys can check out the full Persona 5 Review from GamesMaster below.

Persona 5 Review