Pete Hines unveils new Skyrim details on Twitter


Bethesda’s vice president of public relations and marketing, Pete Hines has a lengthy Q&A session on Twitter with the fans of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. During this Q&A session Pete reveals some new details regarding the game.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim logo

We have listed below complete Q&A of Pete Hines with Skyrim fans on Twitter. Check it out. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will launch on November 11.

Note: Twitter names of the fans involved have been left out.

Q: I heard about the multiple quest [markers] but is there an option to turn these off? It would please alot of morrowind fans.
A: you can turn off any markers you want. There isn’t a setting to do so though

Q: 1. Do you still have to sleep in a bed to level up? 2. Are kids killable in the game?
A: no. No

Q: Are there subtitles in Skyrim for deaf gamers ?
A: Yes, fully subtitled.

Q: Can you move objects in game because it seems my controllers buttons are taken?
A: Yes, you can still move items in the world. Instead of clicking button to pickup item, hold it down to move

Q: Is there any form of regenerating health without any perks etc?
A: Health, magicka, and stamina all regen slowly over time.

Q: Is the EB Games CE for Skyrim going to be available in the U.S. too? Or just Australia?
A: it’s not a CE. It’s their pre-order incentive. Not coming to US

Q: Still wondering about dual wield blocking. It seems VERY silly to not allow the player to block or parry while using two weapons.
A: Can only do one thing when you pull trigger: block or attack. That’s the tradeoff. You don’t get the best of all worlds

Q: Can NPCs dual wield the same way the player can? Like using a spell and sword at the same time.
A: Yes. They and and do wield sword and spell, two spells, etc.

Q: Is there any gameplay mechanic related to sleeping? I don’t need it to level up, I can use wait to pass time. So?
A: You get a bonus for being Rested, a la FO3

Q: Do you mean they regen noticeably even without sleeping or using the wait function? Are HP potions just a boost?
A: Health potions keep me from dying in battle