Phantom Dust Remaster Custom Soundtrack, Weight And Achievements Revealed


Back in the days, Phil Spencer said we should expect Phantom Dust Remaster release before E3 2017, so it’s a matter of few months or at least of the first half of the year. Accordingly, first details about the game are slipping from Microsoft devs and execs, especially regarding what the new version of the game actually is.

Phantom Dust Size Xbox One

Couple days ago we learned about it not being a proper remaster but just a version of the original Xbox Phantom Dust with upscaled graphics and possibly revamped controls. Now we learn there won’t be a chance, unlike the original, to have custom soundtracks included, at launch at least, because it was explored and too hard to put new UI into the game.

“We explored it! The challenge w/ it (& Groove too) is UI – we can’t create UI to support these right now. Possibly post-launch,” creative director Adam Isgreen told a fan on Twitter. Moreover, there will be around 45 achievements to unlock, with only one secret and likely linked to the ending.

On top of that, we also learn that the game won’t be too big to download, as it will only need 3.4 GB of free space on your Xbox One and Windows 10 hard drives. “Dunno about pre-orders, but it’s not a large game by today’s standards – I think we’re about… 3.4GB right now all-up.”