Phil Spencer Doesn’t See 4K vs HDR As “Trasformative” As HD From SD Leap

 Phil Spencer Doesn’t See 4K vs HDR As “Trasformative” As HD From SD Leap

Many remember the shift from SD to HD as something quite historical for video games, somehow on par with the passage from 2D to 3D. PS4 and Xbox One have strived to find such distinctive element this generation, and we highly doubt they did, and now Microsoft and Sony are both looking into VR and 4K/HDR to see if they can find that something special.

Spencer On 4K vs HDR Differences

According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, though, the latter won’t be “transformative” as the high definition was back in the days of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, despite allowing games to look much better in comparison with the way they are now.

“When I see 4K games, they look demonstrably better, but it’s not the same difference that we saw from SD to HD, or from 2D to 3D when gaming went that direction. HDR is the same way: I love the way movies and games look in HDR, but I don’t think it’s that same transformative thing that we saw with [earlier leaps],” he told Game Informer Australia.

“I’ve been around Xbox since the original Xbox and I remember the shift from SD to HD. I remember seeing Gears of War 1, which for us was the first game that I saw on pre-release 360 hardware, and I went, ‘Wow, that just looks like something new…’ The first time you saw a sporting event on live TV in HD, you went, ‘Okay, that is something different.’”

Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s first 4K console, will ship late 2017. We’ll see by then if it can really shake things up in video games.