Phil Spencer Praises Playdead’s Inside, It’s His “GOTY So Far In 2016”


Playdead’s new title, Inside, is releasing today but with review embargoes lifted off yesterday we already know what critics think about it. And it looks like they think it’s really good, since the new game from the creators of Limbo has reached a metascore of 91.


Inside is an Xbox One exclusive puzzle game, which is also launching on PC via Steam on July 7, and this is mainly the reason why we’re here today to talk about the huge endorsement Phil Spencer did in its favor.

The Head of Xbox said on Twitter that Inside is definitely his “GOTY so far in 2016”. “Congrats to Playdead”, since Inside is an “amazing game”. “The bar was incredibly high for you following Limbo and Inside delivers”.

With Spencer usually keen on talking about Microsoft’s first party AAA titles, it looks a bit awkward to have him so much enthusiast about a smaller indie game such as Inside. This time, it really seems like he has some good reasons to talk like that. He’s also considered a frank man, and one who’s taken the blame when he sent his congrats to Naughty Dog for the work they did on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Anyway, are you playing Inside now that it’s available for everyone? Let us know what you think on this new title from Playdead.