Phil Spencer Says He Was “Wrong” Making A Comparison Between Titan X And Xbox One

Microsoft is in the middle of a true storm after the Spring Showcase where it became pretty clear, according to many people commenting on the Internet, the platform holder is shifting its mid-long term focus on PC gaming rather than Xbox One. Of course, Xbox gamers are not appreciating this at all and flame over social networks and forums is spreading.

Phil Spencer

A Twitter user, linking a Spencer video interview, claimed the Xbox Head said you need a Titan X “to run games at the same resolution as an XB1”. @XboxP3 took the occasion to clarify his statements and point out this was “my mistake”. “The comment is wrong”.

“My point is from a performance/price standpoint console is a great value”, Spencer said discussing the topic. On one hand, we think, he is not wrong: building up a good PC is harder for those who usually don’t care about hardware, and this is the biggest part of the gamers, while consoles offer them a chance to have a fixed hardware they can enjoy from the first boot.

Let us know your opinion in the comments below. We know this is a particularly tough topic to discuss as people usually care much more about the platforms they currently have, so fanboys are just around the corner, but we still hope a good discussion is possible.