Phil Spencer talks about Shenmue 3 for Xbox: “would welcome it but Microsoft’s first party studio won’t develop”

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Phil Spencer, Boss of Xbox Division at Microsoft via Twitter has shared some interesting details regarding free-to-play content coming to Xbox One, Shenmue on Xbox One, Ed Fries’ criticism on virtual reality tech and many more.

Spencer first stated that Virtual Reality tech is not a fad and also confirmed that free to play will be coming to Xbox One.

“I don’t believe VR is a fad. More exclusives makes sense. F2P will be on XBOX One, works better as IB grows. Ed’s smart.” tweeted Spencer.

About Shenmue for Xbox One, Spencer stated that its not going to come from any of the Microsoft’s first party studios, however he didn’t deny that it could come from SEGA. Here is what Spencer said about Shenmue for Xbox One:

“There is just no winning in answering Shenmue questions. I’m not likely to have one of our first party studios build Shenmue.

I’d welcome Shenmue on XBOX, just not something our first party is going to build.

The #SaveShenmue is strong….”

Shenmue 3 Special Edition For Xbox One

Later on, Spencer also added that he regreted answering questions related to Shenmue as it raises expectations of fans.

“I knew it was trouble to start answer Shenmue questions. I’d rather have us focusing on our own franchises.”

Last but not the least, Spencer assured Xbox One owners that there will be a steady flow of indie titles for the console in near future as the [email protected] program gets going.

“We showed and announced a bunch at GDC. As the program gets going you’ll see a steady flow of ID games.”

Well if Microsoft’s first party studios can’t develop Shenmue for Xbox One, will the firm support the game and publish it if SEGA makes it? This is what most Xbox One owners want to know from Microsoft.

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