Phil Spencer: There Won’t Be Xbox Scorpio Exclusive Games, Absolutely Not

Xbox One Scorpio

Project Scorpio is still a mysterious matter despite its ‘teaser’ was showed during Microsoft’s latest E3 press conference, and we’re sure we’ll talk about it for at least a couple years from now in the effort to understand what’s behind it.

Xbox Project Scorpio

Redmond-based platform holder has tried and discuss some of the less clear aspects following the announcement of Project Scorpio, among which we surely find exclusive Xbox games coming to it and not on Xbox One or Xbox One S anymore.

In a recent interview, Phil Spencer said it won’t be the case – Project Scorpio simply won’t have any exclusive game in the years to follow and, more importantly, everything will launch for it, even its day one lineup, will be compatible with current Xbox One models.

“For you and I, we usually think about generations in terms of what games will it play?” Spencer told Eurogamer.”This thing will play Ryse: Son of Rome, a launch game for your Xbox One. And we’ll have launch Scorpio games as well that are playable on an Xbox One, Xbox One S and Scorpio and look great on all three of them.”

The Xbox boss also reiterated that “there won’t be Scorpio exclusive console games. Absolutely not.” Project Scorpio is releasing during Holiday 2017.