A man had his vehicle stolen while playing Pokémon Go

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A dedicated Pokémon Go lost his car on Wednesday morning trying to capture himself a Geodude.

While driving down the Broadway Extension near Hefer Road in Oklahoma City, Devante Frazier was alerted of a Pokémon nearby and decided to pull up, get out of his car, and walk towards the creature a few feet away. It was so close, Frazier didn’t even think to take his keys out of the car.

While he was capturing it, however, he was not aware that another person had got into his car while he was distracted. The thief then drove away with Frazier just several feet away.

“I was moderately in shock,” Frazier said in an interview with Koco News 5. “I was just kind of standing there like, ‘No, that’s not my car.’ Then I looked next to the barrels and said, ‘Oh, that was definitely my car.’”

Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon since it released back on July 6, 2016 and recently added generation three Pokémon to the game for fans to catch. This isn’t the first instance of strange things happening to players who play Pokémon Go, however.

When the game was released last year, a woman playing the game came across a dead body in America in July 2016. There were also reports of Pokémon Go being linked to two deaths and hundreds of car crashes within the first five months of the game being released.

H/T Koco News 5