Niantic releases update on players on Pokémon Go fest and reveals next legendary Pokémon


Niantic has released an update into the technological failures behind the failed Pokémon Go fest that took place in on July 22 in Grant Park, Chicago.

Mobile data networks were one of the main cause of the problem due to how many people were using the networks to connect to the game’s servers, according to Niantec. This led to people being unable to connect to Pokémon Go or the internet in general.

Niantic said it provided estimates on attendance and data to event partners but it wasn’t enough and overloaded the servers.

It isn’t all bad news, however, as Niantic has revealed the next two legendary Pokémon coming to Pokémon Go in the next few weeks.

Articuno is currently available for trainers to get their hands on once they successfully complete a legendary raid. Fans will have to act fast as Articuno will be leaving the game from July 31 to be replaced by Moltres, Moltres will then become unavailable from Aug. 7, giving fans a chance to grab Zapdos instead until Aug. 14.

Lugia is the only legendary Pokémon without an end-date at this time, but that’s expected to change with the arrival of Ho-oh and other Pokémon from the Johto series of games.