Playdead’s Inside Protected By DRM Denuvo, Dev’s Fee Possibly Revealed

Releasing today for PC via Steam, Playdead’s Inside is being protected by DRM Denuvo. Denuvo is a largely used technology to prevent games from being pirated, and it is almost always successful despite hackers all over the world have tried a lot of solutions to bypass it and have managed to do it in a very few cases.

Playdead's Inside

This is something of a news, since Inside is the first indie game to be covered by such protection. Other independently published titles such as Insomniac Games’ Edge of Nowhere and Crytek’s The Climb have do that in the recent past, but they come from popular and established big studios you don’t usually dub as “indie”.

Interestingly, a Reddit user who claims to be a game developer has reported prices software houses need to pay to have Denuvo’s protection. Here you have them but, again, this is just a report and not anything we can consider as an official statement from any of the parts involved:

Lump sum model:

  • -AAA title (bigger 500k units on PC): 100.000 EUR
  • -AA title (smaller 500k units on PC): 50.000 EUR
  • -Indie title (less than 100k units on PC): 10.000 EUR

Per unit pricing:

  • -2.500 EUR setup fee.
  • -0,15 EUR per unit reported monthly based on Steam,… owners.
  • (optional) cost covering for on-site visit if requested.