Playground Games Hires Devs Who Worked On GTA V And MGS V For Unannounced Open World RPG


Yesterday we reported that Playground Games, the developer behind the racing video game franchise Forza Horizon bought a new property for their second office where they will be working on their brand new IP – an AAA open-world action RPG. Just 24 hours later, we received another update and this time around via Playground Games and GameIndustryBiz regarding some of the new talents that have been hired by the studio to work on their new IP currently codenamed as PROJECT 2.

Playground Games Logo

According to the details shared by our friend at GI Biz, Playground has hired developers who worked on some of the biggest video game franchises – Grand Theft Auto V, Metal Gear Solid, recently released Hellblade and many others.

You guys can check out the new hiring PlayGround Games recently made:

  1. Sean Eyestone – Previously worked at EA DICE on Star Wars Battlefront II, worked for 10 years at Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Sold games including MGS V: The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes. At PlayGround, holds the position of Production Director.
  2. Will Kennedy: Previously worked at Rockstar North for 8 Years as a Level and Game Designer, Senior Online Mission and Flow Designer on GTA V.
  3. Juan Fernandez di Simon – Previously worked as a Senior Designer at Ninja Theory for Hellblade. Has also worked at RIME developer Tequila Works for 3 years.

Speaking on this new development, Playground CEO Gavin Raeburn said: “We’re delighted that we’ve secured the second studio to house our new team. This is a hugely exciting project that is already attracting world-class talent to Playground. The combination of new blood and experienced Playground team members is already showing huge promise and I’m excited to see this talented group contribute to Playground’s continued success.”

PlayGround has started the work on their very first non-racing project on a big note – with so many big names already hired and much more to comes, I am really excited to see what PlayGround brings to the table for Xbox and PC gaming community.