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Suspicious PS4 Firmware 5.53-01 Released, Just 69.33MB In Size

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PS4 Firmware 5.53-01 Changelog

Sony has released very small and suspicious PS4 Firmware 5.53-01. The firmware is just in 69.33 MB in size and no one knows what it does.

Mark Cerny Already In Talks With Developers Over Their Needs With PS5 - Report

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PlayStation 5: Mark Cerny Already In Discussion With Devs

According to a Digital Foundry, Sony's Mark Cerny is already discussing with several developers in order to understand what their need would be for a PlayStation 5 (PS4), the next-generation PlayStation console.

Digital Foundry Believes PS5 Will Ship In Q4 2019 At The Earliest

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PlayStation 5 To Release In Q4 2019 - Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry has made a guess on PlayStation 5 release window - Q4 2019 is their first via target. This release window may get push to 2020 due to financial viability.

Former PlayStation CEO Andrew House Discusses PS5, Next Generation of Consoles

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Ex-PlayStation CEO Andrew House Comments On PlayStation 5

Ex-PlayStation CEO Andrew House recently commented on PlayStation 5 (PS5). Talking about the next-gen PlayStation console, House stated that the PS5 is likely to be in advanced state of design right now "in laboratories".

PS4 Firmware Update 5.53 Weighs In At 440MB, Here's What's New [Changelog]

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PS4 Firmware 5.53 Changelog

Sony has released PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.53. The update weighs in at 440 MB and as per the details revealed in the official changelog - it allows addition of custom wallpapers from USB, Play Time Management, Library Improvements and many other things.

PS5 Unlikely To Launch Before 2020 - Developer Sources

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PlayStation 5 Unlikely To Launch Before 2020

Kotaku spoke to a lot of PlayStation first and third-party developers on the topic of PlayStation 5 and almost all of them stated that PlayStation 5 is unlikely to release before 2020.

PlayStation Vita Releases Mysterious Firmware 3.68 For North American Users

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PlayStation Vita Firmware 3.68 Live Now

Sony has released a new Firmware 3.68 for PlayStation Vita. This update is for PlayStation Vita owners in North America, but what exactly the firmware does no one knows.

Rumor: PS5 Specs Leaked: AMD's Navi Architecture, Zen CPU, 2018 Release Not Ruled Out?

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PlayStation 5 Specs Leaked

A reliable publication has leaked PlayStation 5 Specs. According to the details shared by Semiaccurate, PlayStation 5 Specs has an AMD Navi Architecture and Zen CPU. The publication also revealed that a large amount of PS5 Dev Kits are already out and 2018 release is not ruled out at all.

PS4 Firmware 5.50 - 11 Hidden Features That You Might Not Be Aware Of

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PS4 System Update 5.50 Features

PS4 Firmware 5.50 added a lot of interesting features but here's list of 11 Hidden Features that most PlayStation fans missed out.

PS Vita Has Been Discontinued, According to PlayStation Spain

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PlayStation Vita Discontinued, says PlayStation Spain

PlayStation Vita is finally dead. Sony has officially discontinued it, according to the details shared by PlayStation Spain.