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PlayStation Store Launches Halloween Discounts On The Last Of Us, Bloodborne, 100+ Games

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PlayStation Store Halloween 2018 Sales

Sony has just launched a new PlayStation Store Halloween sale, that allows you to grab over 100 titles including Bloodborne and The Last of Us Remastered at very cheap prices.

PS4 Firmware Update 6.02 Now Available, Reportedly Fixes Message Bug

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PS4 Firmware 6.02 Fixes Message Bug That Bricked Consoles

A new PlayStation 4 system update, 6.02 version, is now available for download. Sony hasn’t said it explicitly, but it’s clearly supposed to be fixing the message bug discovered over the weekend.

Rumor: PS4 Still Has A Major Exclusive First Party Game To Reveal Before PlayStation 5

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According to ResetEra sales insider Benji, there’s a particular reason why it’ll take a bit longer for Sony to announce a brand new PlayStation console – it still has PS4 exclusives to reveal.

Spider-Man Tops September 2018 PlayStation Store US Sales Chart

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PlayStation Store September sales charts have been release and, as foreseeable, Marvel’s Spider-Man has been the best selling game last month on PlayStation 4.

PSN Name Change Could Have Been Available 12 Years Ago

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PSN Name Change Code Was Available 12 Years Ago

The code to allow PlayStation users to change their PSN Name (ID) Change was available 12 years ago, but higher-ups at Sony deemed it "unnecessary" and that code was never pushed to live, according to Naughty Dog's Anthony Vaccaro.

New Sony patent seems to hint at the PlayStation 5 having backwards compatibility

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Sony Patent Confirms PS5 Backward Compatibility

The application could be for something else entirely, but everything at this time seems to point toward backwards compatibility on a new system.

Death Stranding “Is A Completely New Game Now,” Says Kojima

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As we reported yesterday, Hideo Kojima had a quite long speech at Tokyo Game Show 2018 during a PlayStation panel, where he discussed Death Stranding and the development process at Kojima Productions.

Death Stranding’s Release Date Has Not Changed

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During Tokyo Game Show 2018, Hideo Kojima has talked about Death Stranding upon showcasing the latest trailer with Troy Baker’s character unleashing a huge monster against Sam.

PlayStation Classic Won’t Add Games Post-Launch, Won’t Support Trophies

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More news about PlayStation Classic are coming day after day, and IGN US has managed to obtain some of them contacting Sony directly via email – with the topic being the selection of the games, the possibility that more titles could be added post launch and trophies.

PlayStation Network ID Namechange Reportedly Coming Soon, But There’s A Catch

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Apparently, PlayStation Network ID change is coming soon. One of the most anticipated features is reportedly about to drop, even though there’s an quite relevant catch for those of you who could be interested.